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Boxer's Plan for inbox

Posted by Akin Owopetu on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, In : Email X 

Simplify Email

1. Can boxer remember my actions and predict what I would do with future mail?
2. And how about sending an intelligent message that tells the sender what to do with future emails they send to me based on my actions.

3. And email preview (left drawer) can be improved, how can I take the most intelligent action without having to scan through an entire email?

* And maybe make a Twitter client?
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My "ALTOmail" Inbox

Posted by Akin Owopetu on Monday, April 7, 2014, In : Email X 
Here is my Inbox.

 "Does Yelp actually know who I am?"

So when I finally settled on which 2 "promotional emails" for Yelp and Groupon to check out, I realized I had uncovered 24 deals in two clicks. None matched what I wanted.

Please send me a comment if you have the numbers on email marketing model that the likes of Groupon and Yelp use.

ALTOmail does its job well, but I still have stuff I don't need, only this time it is neatly organized.

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