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Posted by Akin Owopetu on Monday, April 14, 2014 Under: SmartWatches

BuZz?! It's a wearable experience, on your wrist watch! It takes your Pebble, Motorola, Qualcom and Samsung Gear experience up a notch.

What’s it like?

We are like the live tiles of phone contacts, and custom notifications on a Smart Watch. A neverending complex shuffling in the backend but as calm as a duck drifting above water to the user.

Similar to your available status on your device that indicates you are logged in and ready to chat with everyone in your list of contacts. Unlike the more static status in FB and Skype where you manually change your status and seen when your friends login, BuZz is an overall communication status for the user, not just for one specific brand.
Your experience changes with BuZz on your wrist, it is different because your status changes intelligently, and all your phone contacts can
exclusively see just your availability to them.

Have you had this sort of an experience with any of your current mobile or wearable devices lately? You are about to try it out soon. Just sign up with your email to be one of the first in line. Leave your email: info@MiLiKiTech.com or tweet us @MiLiKiTech.

You know your smartwatch does a lot more than keep time. It keeps you on schedule, reminds you of important things, plays media, activity tracker, syncs with your phone, or may even make or answer phone calls.

We are a good reason you will want a new smart watch right away. Its functional, fashion forward, and most importantly it has the smart features you need.

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