How do I share my favorite things intimately?

May 11, 2014
Problem:                   How to easily share stuff like my best tweets with my phone contacts? 

Current solution 1:     One solution is I could simply copy my tweet and paste in Whatssapp and send to contacts.

Current solution 2:     I can also compose a non-tweet text message without #hashtags and handles. 

Thoughts:                  My phone contacts are my most intimate contacts.
  I actually pickup the phone to call them at some point.
  Why isn't there a social media solution for that level of interaction?

More thoughts:          A tweet, an email,  or something interesting or entertaining on the web.
 I want to be able to share it with a few dozen people and discuss the item on the phone intimately.

Smartwatch design best practices

April 18, 2014
1.  S Style              - Elegance 
2.  O Offering         - Variety of styles
3.  F  Functionality  - Tells time, displays personalized context
4.  S2 Specs          - Battery life. Connectivity. Screen
5.  D Design              - Lean interface
6.  U User Experience  - Not a smart phone. Not a web browser. A time piece. Ergonomics
7.  P Price  - Dollars

Next we rate the top brands:

     S      O      F S2       D       U        P
Pebble 15              *       **     **1/2   **   ***...

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April 18, 2014
We are working on producing a market place for apps. It allows the bookmark of a list of favorite mobile destinations and favorite app brands. It's basically a mobile favorites playlist. Where new favorite apps are discovered by comparing similar playlists. When a new app is added, our app creates a notification to inform anyone with a similar list of apps. This helps with new apps discovery. 
A few persons try out a new app to see if it has traction.
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A New SmartWactch Experience

April 15, 2014

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A new Smart Watch Experience

April 14, 2014

BuZz?! It's a wearable experience, on your wrist watch! It takes your Pebble, Motorola, Qualcom and Samsung Gear experience up a notch.

What’s it like?

We are like the live tiles of phone contacts, and custom notifications on a Smart Watch. A neverending complex shuffling in the backend but as calm as a duck drifting above water to the user.

Similar to your available status on your device that indicates you are logged in and ready to chat with everyone in your list of contacts. Unlike the more...

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Shared my Interface Design ideas

April 9, 2014
Shared my designs with Ethan-Anthony Wade. Rearranging the display of data with @XRESULTS
He has all the techy stuff in the backend but needs user engagement.

Told him we have a user interface concept we have worked on developing that he can use that captures user actions, so he can use analytics on the data from those actions to curate and customize information for each user. 

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Boxer's Plan for inbox

April 8, 2014

Simplify Email

1. Can boxer remember my actions and predict what I would do with future mail?
2. And how about sending an intelligent message that tells the sender what to do with future emails they send to me based on my actions.

3. And email preview (left drawer) can be improved, how can I take the most intelligent action without having to scan through an entire email?

* And maybe make a Twitter client?
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A better way to deliver products into the inbox.

April 8, 2014

An ideal email, inbox system that works well from a customer perspective.

1. Choose an experienced partner for your campaign

2. Start slowly with 
a couple or a few products to preview a day, measure the interest in it with Return Path or someone else, and figure out when the deal or product is ignored, adjust to your audience and adjust your content, don't send more of the ignored content.

2. Don't get unsubscribed. 

3. Present an easy way to request stuff that is wanted, while still presenting o...

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My "ALTOmail" Inbox

April 7, 2014
Here is my Inbox.

 "Does Yelp actually know who I am?"

So when I finally settled on which 2 "promotional emails" for Yelp and Groupon to check out, I realized I had uncovered 24 deals in two clicks. None matched what I wanted.

Please send me a comment if you have the numbers on email marketing model that the likes of Groupon and Yelp use.

ALTOmail does its job well, but I still have stuff I don't need, only this time it is neatly organized.

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Email X : New User Experience

April 4, 2014
In a series of blogs (this being first) I will use my inbox to illustrate my challenges with productively using email. I will also make design suggestions for improvement.
My Inbox: Dentist

Improving this content means:
1. Preview of each content before opening email messages.
2. Twitter sized preview.
3. Receiving entire content in time-spaced chunks.

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